From an early age, I have been very concerned about the way we use energy and its adverse effects on the global environment our children will inherit.  I was well aware of what was achievable using energy conservation along with renewable energy, but cheap fossil fuels, politics, and public will prevented their use.  These problems seemed to be intractable.  

I included innovation methods as part of my studies, as I believe there is always a better way of doing things, and complex problems were meant to be solved.  In my engineering career, in the energy sector, I continued to explore and utilize innovation methods very successfully in the product development process, taking complex systems and problems, then morphing them into elegant, simpler, and cost-effective solutions.

Novum Terra Incorporated is the consequence of my personal challenge to develop a cost-effective Climate Change solutions.

Novum Terra founder and chief innovator, Henry Ballard , Jr., P.E.

henry ballard

• Clemson University, BSME ‘92, MSME ‘96
• Schlumberger (ITRON), SENTINEL commercial & industrial electric meter
• GE Large Gas Turbines, Passive Clearance Control – 571MW Turbine
• 19 Patents